By Andy Cocker

Railway Sleepers offer a hardwearing, economical and aesthetically pleasing option when selecting materials for various projects.

They have been used for hundreds of years for railway lines to fasten to. Nowadays, although they are still widely used on the ra ... [Continue reading here]
By Densepense Makhaya

We can observe if we analyze the semi-automated Indian Railways system, that it is still lacking the independence from manual work by human being.

The Indian Railway is the largest government organization having more than half million employees working ... [Continue reading here]
By Ryan Sprout

Job Description:
Locomotive engineers drive and operate trains. They also repair and keep trains running efficiently and effectively. They control the mechanical operations of the engine, speed, handling, and make sure safety laws and plans are followed.

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By Larry Truett

A powered locomotive is what makes any train move. Locomotives are often also referred to as engines. A locomotive will usually be placed at the front of the train, and will pull the non-powered cars behind it. Locomotives are usually engineered to run in either directio ... [Continue reading here]
By Andy Fletcher.

The locomotive of the future is here today, and with it a growing green collar job-locomotive building. Evolution Series Diesel-Electrics, "The World's Cleanest Locomotives" roll out of General Electric's Erie, Pennsylvania plant. Built by American workers, these locom ... [Continue reading here]
By Barry Sheppard

Which direction should you travel by train in? This is personal choice. Travelling west bound the train stops overnight in Ribadesella, whereas trains travelling east it stops in Llanes, a fishing port. To experience a beautiful sequence of changing scenery the train t ... [Continue reading here]
By Lydia Quinn

Nowadays, for short distance travel, people typically choose to go by car. For long distances, people choose planes more often than not, or sometimes ships, but more and more people are starting to travel both long and short distances by train.

There was a ti ... [Continue reading here]
By Jim Murrant

I remember one absolute drifter where there was almost literally no wind. The class racing was Flying Dutchman, which, as everyone knows, will move in a wind of only a couple of knots -- and yet all 30 or so boats were practically becalmed.

A Private Storm Continue reading here]
By Steven Milbrandt

People instinctively seem to know how important weather is to their daily lives, especially in areas where it changes often. This is important because an unprotected individual in the face of severe weather can be significantly injured or killed by its effects. Havin ... [Continue reading here]
By Linda Hancock

When people from warm countries hear me mention that I live in Canada, I am usually confronted about questions regarding winter and freezing temperatures. It seems that those who have not been to my country assume that all of Canada experiences the weather that is often ... [Continue reading here]
By Ujjal Kumar Pahari

Security camera systems are being used all over the world to monitor and secure the offices. These security cameras systems are installed in the offices to prevent the acts of wrong doing and danger. These devices help to prevent the incidents of theft and robbery ... [Continue reading here]
By Joe Y Chin

There's a feature in cameras these days that made photography a much easier process. Before this feature was invented, only professional photographers were the ones who can actually take wonderful photos. This feature is really technical and through innovative technology a ... [Continue reading here]
By David Verde

Security cameras are a great way to augment a home security system, but the sometimes can be difficult to install. Wireless security camera systems have the convenience of not having to be hardwired into a system. They do need power, but they can be plugged into a stan ... [Continue reading here]
By Bob Mathers

We were both looking forward to the trip. My sister had flown in from Washington State. We were going to travel across country by train on Amtrak's 'Southwest Chief', a train that winds Southwest from Chicago through Missouri, Kansas, the edge of Colorado, New Mexico, Ari ... [Continue reading here]
By Adrian Soto

Graphs and Charts are a simple and visual way of presenting your data in a manner that any user can understand. When presenting raw unformatted data, users can easily become confused and lose interest in the data. The best way to capture a user's attention so they can mor ... [Continue reading here]
By Dhara Rami

Scatter graph is a graph, which help to plot the information on two related variables. It consists of plotted points, which are scattered all around the X-Y grid. The main use of the scatter graph is to visualize the strength of the co-relation between the two metrics. It ... [Continue reading here]
By Andrea Pelati

Having a graph maker software available for your use anytime that the need might arise is a very smart thing to do. Almost every webpage or website that you will visit, a ratio, a table, a data that is presented in tables and charts can be seen and viewed. So what does ... [Continue reading here]
By Richard Runion

While treating contaminated water it is necessary to maintain proper pH level else the treatment is affected and it takes longer than usual. In the paragraphs below, I explain the basic process and the apparatus setup necessary, to accurately measure waste water pH. Continue reading here]
By Merle Benny

Unlike a corporation counting dollars, nonprofits have other, more varied, ways of determining success. Your goal is not to return profits but rather to return results. You have an obligation to your funders and to the community at large to fulfill your mission. Financial ... [Continue reading here]
By Jeanne Sawyer


The first key question to answer in starting a problem-solving project is, "How will you know when the problem is solved?" Answer this question in measurable terms before you start trying to solve the problem. As you begin defining your problem, th ... [Continue reading here]
By Jenn Reynolds

Types of Negotiable Instruments

There are four types of negotiable instruments: drafts, checks, notes, and certificates of deposit. Drafts and checks fall under a classification as "promises to pay". A promissory note is a written promise made by one person ... [Continue reading here]
By John Smith Lock

Do you know what is equipment calibration and how does it work? Before you learn about this instrument calibration, you should have a basic knowledge of what calibration is.

Calibration Equipment:

Calibration is a process by which instruments ... [Continue reading here]
By Andre Brown

The rinsing and soaking of stainless steel instruments with saline may ruin the surgical instruments. The majority of medical instrument companies make clear in their warranties, "the soaking/use of saline will void the warranty". Clinically use saline as directed, howeve ... [Continue reading here]
By Ruth Seebeck

A trip to the Grand Canyon is a must for everyone. The absolute magnificence of the canyon gorge is unduplicated anywhere else in the world. There are many ways to visit: day trips from Las Vegas or Flagstaff, helicopter tours, or by car. But the best way is to make rese ... [Continue reading here]
By Max Sinclair

With airfare through the roof for some routes and the potential threat to privacy of security screening, more and more people are opting to travel domestically either by car or by train these days. Once not too long ago, most long-distance travel was accomplished comfort ... [Continue reading here]